Friday, October 27, 2006

Anti-Ford Ad Racist? No, But Viewers Could Be.

In the Tennessee senatorial race, there is an anti-Ford ad in which a white blond woman claims to have "met Harold [Ford] at a Playboy party." This ad is deemed racist by many on the left because of its evocation of the prospect of an interracial hook-up. I disagree with this perspective. Why is the portrayal of a potential episode of interracial dating racist? It is not. People will make of the ad what they will. It is the attitude of an ad-viewer, not the ad itself, that is racist if he/she is turned off by the prospect of interracial commingling. Critics of the ad fear the people's reaction to the ad. They would have the senatorial race be sanitized so that there would be no reasons for people to use their base instincts for political judgment. Why should we do this? It would be capitulating to the ignorance of the American public. (I for one am not turned off by any an image of people of different colors coming together in love.) Notwithstanding, the makers of this ad probably did pick the white blonde because she is white and blonde, which entails racial considerations. The combination of white and blonde results in the architypal porn star. Just look at Anna Nicole Smith, Pamela Anderson, and Jenna Jameson for examples.


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